World's Most Expensive Guitars - In Pictures

Some of the world's most expensive electric guitars were presented in Born to Rock exhibition.

It gathered into one place over 150 priceless guitars played by the likes of Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Joan Armatrading, Noel Gallagher, the Edge, Marc Bolan, Neil Young, and blues legend Rory Gallagher. The vast collection includes many rare and extremely valuable guitars, both vintage and modern, and offers visitors a chance to get up close to guitars normally only seen in hands of rock stars.

Wood from a steel works office and aluminium from a power station were used to make this guitar as a tribute to Sheffield's industrial past.

This is the Frying Pan - the world's first electric guitar. It might look a bit tatty, but it's about 76 years old and this is the first time it's gone on show outside America.

New guitars that have been customised by celebs like Bono and Jennifer Lopez are also on display. This one's been covered in hundreds of crystals especially for the exhibition.

The guitars were delivered in a bullet-proof van under really tight security as some of them are worth tens of millions of pounds!!

Guitars of big name rock stars like Noel Gallagher from Oasis, the Edge from U2 and the legendary Jimi Hendrix, who was really famous in the 1960s

Blackie, a Stratocaster once owned by Eric Clapton but Blackie's fetching price of $959,500 paid by a guitar store in 2004, was recently beaten by another Stratocaster guitar signed by many of the world's most famous guitarists. The Strat was auctioned to benefit a tsunami charity, Reach out to Asia. It was bought by Qatar’s royal family for $1,000,000 US. They donated it back to Reach Out To Asia, bringing in $2,700,000 US at another auction, so the guitar has generated a total of $3,700,000 US.

Check this site.. They claim that they made first custom guitar picks made from 4.5 billion year old meteorites. I would like to buy certainly one whether it would sound good or not :)

David Gilmour should check quality of meteorite picks.


Some maybe not that expensive but cool guitars

Born to Rock Exhibition

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