RetroCrush has a great collection of selected horror movie scenes. It is worth to look.

I list some of them here.

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Yeah that's right. We have even pink elephants living on Earth.

Wikipedia explains :

The expression pink elephants can mean:
"Seeing pink elephants" is a euphemism for drunken hallucination caused by delirium tremens.
  • Jack London, describing one sort of alcoholic in the autobiographical John Barleycorn, writes that he "is the man whom we all know, stupid, unimaginative, whose brain is bitten numbly by numb maggots; who walks generously with wide-spread, tentative legs, falls frequently in the gutter, and who sees, in the extremity of his ecstasy, blue mice and pink elephants. He is the type that gives rise to the jokes in the funny papers."
  • A reference to pink elephants occurs in the 1941 Disney animated classic Dumbo. Dumbo, having taken a drink of water from a bucket spiked with moonshine, begins to hallucinate singing and dancing "Pink Elephants on Parade." ....

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