Finding and controlling webcams all over the world!

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These google hacks are rather interesting.

Load up google and type this exactly:


You now have a list of webcams all over the world (most are in japan) at which you can view, rotate, change resolution and zoom in and out of the picture!

Ok. I did one search for you

play with it :)

What about mp3 files. .. and finding mp3's easily in google by just directory browsing.

Load up google again and type this in:

?intitle:index.of? mp3 artistname

Where artistname you can substitute any artist you are looking for (i.e. ?intitle:index.of? mp3 radiohead) and it'll come up with a load of sites with free hidden mp3's!

by the way, i am not a hacker, lamer, computer specialist etc. it is totally for fun

google rulez!

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