Snow Castle in Finland and Wedding Ice Sculptures

The two most well-known ice hotels are in Jukkasjärvi Sweden and in Quebec Canada, but there are other ice hotels and ice structures located in other frigid spots around the world.

I especially liked the idea of staying in an ice castle. LumiLinna in Kemi / Finland.
On the Northern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia the SnowCastle of Kemi is a magnificent example of the great talent and skills of local architects and their builders.

It is written in their sites that SnowCastle 2008 will be opened on 26.1.2008.

Here are some photoshots. Click them to enlarge.

SNOWHOTEL 27.1.-6.4.2008

Single room 160 EUR/person/night
Double room 125 EUR/person/night
Group room 125 EUR/person/night
Suite 300 EUR/night

Prices include:
* overnight in an arctic sleeping bag
* breakfast
* taxi transfer to local hotel for morning shower and sauna

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Ice Sculptures for Wedding

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