Friction On Books : Simple But An Amazing Experiment

Dave Ansell from The Naked Scientists has an interesting article about frictional force.

Here is a part from his article.

Using nothing but a tiny bit of friction stick two books together so you can't pull them apart.

What you need

Two Books

For this experiment all you will need is a couple of paperback books which are about the same size and thickness. They should survive the experience.

What to Do

You want to interleave the two books together about 4-5 pages at a time. The quickest way to do this is like a riffle shuffle. When you have fully interleaved the books push them together so there is an overlap of about 2-3cm. The hold the two books by their spines and try to pull them apart.

Interleaving Books

What may Happen

You should find that however hard you try you won't be able to pull them apart.

Pulling Apart

What is going on?
If you want to learn what is the science behind of it click here

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