Chinese Cars : Compare with the original !

Have you ever wondered how champions of auto crash tests, I mean the Chinese cars are designed?

Well, it is the explanation in photos below.

The logo of BMW and BYD

Honda CRV and Laibao SRV

The logo of Toyota and Geely

Rolls-Royce Phantom and Hongqi HQD

Smart and HuoYun

Toyota Prado and Dadi Shuttle

Nissan XTrail and Greatwall Sing

BMW 7 and BYD F6

Neoplan Starliner and Zonda A9

Mercedes C and Geely Merrie 300

Rare Footage of Jimi Hendrix at the Newport Pop Festival in 1969

It is the 22 minute video of Jimi Hendrix performing at the 1969 Newport Pop Festival. Excellent video content of Jimi Hendrix, band, backups, and audience.

In Memory of Bobby Fischer

Garry Kasparov had said about him :

Fischer's victories brought problems for many people in the soviet camp, because it was thought there had been failures of training or discipline that should be corrected. No one could accept that it was simply Fischer's genius that was causing the trouble.

Hey! Kris Kuksi is talented and creates amazing sculptures, paintings

I wish I was born so rich to enjoy quality art, history, languages, science and music more. The run for money to live better cuts a person's worthy, high aims to be creative! Creativity needs time and patience. Once I couldn't be a creative one, I should at least appreciate the people who achieve their inner creativity on upper levels. Visit Kris Kuksi now to understand what I am exactly talking about.

Japanese Miracle ! New real-time 3d avatar technology

This footage, taken from Japanese TV, gives a hint of things to come in the world of gaming/entertainment. It has been suggested that the PS3 will include technology that allows gamers to interact with the gaming environment in this manner.Watch and amaze !

Funny Video - Human Stop Motion Tetris

Living in Three Centuries Project

This is a really interesting project showing us the "Face of Age" in different photos.

112 year 111 day-old
African American man —
the 16th oldest living person in the world,
and the oldest living man in the USA.

The oldest living World War I
combat veteran —
he earned the Victory Medal,
the Occupational Medal,
as well as the Legion of Honor —
France's highest honor given
to surviving members of U.S. Armed Forces
who fought on French soil during World War I.

He returned home to farming,
married, had seven children,
and served as the superintendent
of his Sunday School class for 75 years.

He never smoked or drank alcohol;
and he takes no medicine, not even aspirin.

He drove until the age of 106, when his children decided to hide his car keys from him.

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Great Fractal Art Contest Winner Images

The following images are from Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest 2007. They are the winners of the contest and will be presented in the exhibition.

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