Oh Poor Man, Eat This, Not That !

While we become older, we also become more vulnerable to diseases. I was considering myself so healthy until I knew that I can have problems with my heart, if I don't change my lifestyle as doctor said about my cholesterol level. It is not easy to change your eating style if you are a bloody carnivore like me :) He recommended a book for me called as "Eat This Not That: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds-or More!" to begin caring my health. I ordered it at Amazon several days ago and they shipped it just today. I liked the logic there. Easy and fast reading, helpful tips with colorful photos. Well, we will see the progress on the next test check-up results.

Best Book Lights to Read At Night

If you are a book worm or just a book lover like me, I am sure you had troubles reading at night because of disturbing your sleeping partner with your light source.

Hopefully there are solutions to read books with comfort and peace. Vubx.com gadget website has a nice review of the best book lights.


Best of French Cinema

If you are a fan of French films like me, I think you will like this website which reviews only the best and cult French movies.

They feature new great films like Chocolat, Amelie as well as all time classics like Le Samourai, Jules et Jim. Give a try!
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