Brain Magic : Blokus Strategy Board Game

This game, truly, takes minutes to learn, but I don't know that a lifetime would lead to mastery. The beauty of Blokus Strategy Board Game is that it's simple enough for our almost-5-year-old to play and enjoy, but has enough complexity that the most analytically minded gamer can easily wrap their mind around.

It is a great game for only 2 or 3 players (though all four colors have to be played every game), but the most enjoyment comes when 4 players are found who get into the details and try to define a strategy.

The four player mode is where this game shines - unless each player places the exact pieces in the exact order EVERY TIME, it is ALWAYS a different game.

We love this enough that we're going to be buying Blokus Strategy Board Game as gifts for some of our friends and their children!

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