That is the exact definition of "Beauty andThe Beast "

But... I don't think it'll be there once that dog wakes up...

$100,000 Diamond Chess Set

Chess once known as the game of sultans. It seems that it is still true in our century. All black and white squares were made of black and white diamonds. There is more that 1 kilogram of 14K gold for the set including the pieces. 9,900 very precious stones accompany to this richness. The black and white diamonds have a total weight of 186.98 carats. So if you want to indulge in a game of chess at your beachfront super duper villa then the Goldstriker Diamond Edition Chess set is just a $100,000 easy bucks.

Hey, don't forget to check also nude chess. That's also interesting enough.

Fast Bar Magic Trick Video with a Cigarette Pack

This videos shows a very impressive but easy trick to show your friends. You don't need anything than a regular cigarette pack. I didn't apply yet. Actually, I don't smoke at all but it is another topic. Anyway, enjoy the video below

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