Best Cases for iPhone

Certainly iPhone is the best gadget of recent years. This lovely toy needs special care and so protecting it with the best case available is a must for real iPhone fan. I see that there are many types of cases occur everyday and it is hard to determine which is the best.

I know an excellent blog where you can find lots of iphone case reviews. From well known popular brands like Cozip to less known ones like Otterbox, Orion and Speck cases. There is also a special article about the InvisibleShield which is currently the most selling iPhone 3G case. Recommended blog.

Educating the Brain, Healing the Heart

Anxiety, Depression, Obsessiveness, Anger, and Impulsiveness! I had them all in the past often, especially had difficulties to control my anger when I have seen or been in a situation of unfair judgments.

It resulted harm to my social relations and later brought depression and strange behaviors resulting in. I now much better dealing with life and the people. Our brain is a wonderful thing that it can be programmed to heal disorders.

I suggest you to read Change Your Brain, Change Your Life first to start a new life. Recommended for the people who are looking for a healthy, calm and happy restart.

Lunar Sea Live By Legendary Prog Band Camel

I have listened this Camel masterpiece maybe hundreds of times in my life and just wanted to share their one of the rare videos circa 1976, 1977. Complex rhythms, melodies and riffs. And.... mini moog at its best times. Perfect playing by the group members.

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