Great Anime Movie Reviews

Lately, I have discovered very cool Anime reviews, both from Japan and USA. Some of them were even from the very little known old anime. Here are some best anime review links if you are interested in anime as well.


Fist of the North Star Anime Movie

Gundam Wing Mecha Anime

Tokyo Godfathers

Leonidas : The Most Delicious Belgian Dark Chocolate

A friend of mine, who lives as an expat in Belgium brought me one of the best dark chocolates I have ever tasted in my life. Actually, I am not a great fan of dark chocolate but my gift, Leonidas Belgian Signature Dark Chocolates Assortment was so delicious to eat that it couldn't survive in the box more than one day. Since it is an assortment, there are different fillings inside the chocolate.

I knew about Godiva, Neuhaus, Guylian and other a few Belgian chocolate brands but my current winner is certainly Leonidas. Hopefully, it is possible to order these lovely bittersweet pieces from Amazon.

Leonidas Belgian Chocolates: Signature Dark Chocolates Assortment
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