Final Fantasy XIII on PS3 Available at Amazon

New installment of Final Fantasy is available now with stunning images, in-game cinematic scenes, cutting-edge gameplay technology. You can order Final Fantasy XIII at Amazon. One of the most acclaimed RPG films of all times, new Final Fantasy game features a superb active time battle system which enables players to attack enemies in endless variants with various new game personas.

You can additionally assign roles to members in your party during the battle scenes. These are called as battle with paradigms. These roles includes Commando, Medic, healer, Offensive specializer etc. 

Notice the new summon ssystem in the game, namely Finaly Fantasy Gestalt Mode. It enables summoned Eidolons and characters fight together for a monolithic damage to enemies. Overall, it is currently the #1 bestselling RPG game for PS3. Buy Final Fantasy 8 for PS3 at Amazon with discounts

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