What is the Diamond Fluorescence?

There is an important factor in determining the quality of diamonds. It is named as Diamond Flurorescence and concludes how diamond will glow under an ultraviolet lamp. It is a blue glowing and it can adversely or possitively affect the final price of a diamond. At first, it was just used as an identification method but nowadays it is being considered along with clarity, color, cut and carat of a diamond by many experts.

Fluorescence increases the price of lower color stones. The reason is that it increases the the brightness of the stone. It is achieved naturally by the blue color offsetting on yellow hues. In opposite, for higher color tones, this is not wanted. Fluorescence will provide a more dim white color which will decrease the stone value a lot. Hopefully, these diamonds are very rare.

I know a very beautiful brilliant cut diamond with premium clarity and carat weight has lost most of its value because of high fluorescence.

So, I hope you have now a basic understanding on Diamond Fluorescence and how it will affect the price tag.

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